ISBC-Inspired Events

One of the aims of ISBC Africa is to encourage countries to organise events that bring together stakeholders to deliberate on various aspects of entrepreneurship and small business promotion. Examples of events inspired by ISBC Africa to date are:



International Conference on Business Advising. Held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in November 2017, ICBA brought together 364 participants to discuss all aspects of business advising – policy, profession, practice, and performance. View conference report here.





Enterprise Financing Forum. Scheduled to take place in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, on 28-29 March 2019, the Forum will bring together a wide range of actors involved in the field of enterprise financing to review progress and discuss challenges and solutions in this important field.




Forestry plays an important role in economic development generally, and particularly in the rural context where it is predominantly located. As such, forestry and its value chain, which extends to downstream activities such as furniture-making, wood products, and packaging, which have significant export potential, offers a range of opportunities for SMME development. Add to this, forestry-related non-timber-based opportunities such as beekeeping                                                                                             and honey production, and the opportunities expand significantly.

IFEC will bring together a range of stakeholders in the forestry value chain and SMME development more broadly, from both the public and private sectors, across Africa to analyse opportunities for SMME development within the forestry value chain, examine current forest enterprise development strategies and programmes, and devise new initiatives to further enhance the role of SMMEs in this important sector. Richards Bay lies at the heart of KwaZulu-Natal’s forestry sector, a province with the second highest forestry concentration in South Africa.