What We Do

ISBC Africa exists to foster thought leadership, cooperation, and shared learning in all aspects of entrepreneurship and small business promotion across Africa through:

  • Hosting a rotating biennial Congress as a continental forum on policies, strategies and programmes and their impact on entrepreneurs and their activities
  • Hosting periodic smaller events to deliberate on specific issues pertinent to entrepreneurship and small business promotion
  • Encouraging countries to organise national events bringing together stakeholders to deliberate on the ongoing promotion of entrepreneurship and small business
  • Promoting the strengthening of small business representative organisations and their participation in the formulation and implementation of small business policies and programmes
  • Encouraging investment in relevant research and sharing thereof across the continent
  • Conducting learning and knowledge exchange missions both within Africa and overseas, involving entrepreneurs and those involved in their promotion and support
  • Creating avenues for forging direct business relationships between African SMEs and their overseas counterparts to facilitate technology and business exchanges